The Woodlands

The Woodlands is a fresh concept for housing at Lightmoor.  Bournville Village Trust is making available a number of serviced building plots for new individual homes. The Woodlands will build on Lightmoor’s reputation for high quality design, but giving homeowners the ability to influence form and layout of the individual houses.

Czero Home is working with land owner Bournville Village Trust to deliver this pioneering development.

Left: Early conceptualisation of The Woodlands development

The Site Layout

Originally it was set out that there will be 15 serviced plots available for purchase, and four homes will be built and retained by Bournville Village Trust.  Following our public consultation this number is likely to change, with potentially fewer, but larger plots.

In order to make the customisation process relatively straightforward but while still maintaining flexibility, Stride Treglown will develop a series of layout options for both ground and first floor, which will allow numerous combinations to create your perfect home.  For instance, you may want a larger lounge at the expense of some outside area, or you may just want to have the minimum of two bedrooms in order to keep costs down.

Right: The 19 plot first draft site layout of The Woolands (click to enlarge)

The Planning Process

There are a number of ‘layers’ with the planning framework.

The Woodlands already has outline planning permission as part of the overall Lightmoor development.  This gives the overriding permission to build this number of houses on this site.

The Design Code

This is part of the overall masterplan of Lightmoor, and sets levels of design freedom across the whole site, the density of housing, the nature of the spaces in between, the materials to be used and the overall ‘look and feel’ of the place.  We need to work within the overall masterplan for Lightmoor to ensure there is a degree of consistency with the rest of the area, while providing sufficient flexibility for people wanting to change design and layout of their own home.

Left: The Lightmoor village masterplan

Local Development Order

Bournville Village Trust is applying for a Local Development Order (LDO), which is a type of planning permission that is intended to streamline the planning process by removing the requirement for self builders to submit their own
planning application for their plots.  This will create certainty and save time and money for purchasers.  The LDO will refer to the Plot Passports, which contain plot specific regulation.

Plot Passports

Each plot will come with a ‘Plot Passport’, an example of which is shown to the right.  The Plot Passport governs the key elements of the plot including the area on which the building can sit, where cars can be parked, and key bits of information from the Design Code as they apply to the particular plot.

Lightmoor has always tried to be a bit different to other areas, with a higher quality of design and more of a sense of community and ‘place’.  Custom build at The Woodlands intends to extend that with something different enough to stand out, but not so different as to stick out.

Right: Example of a plot passport


Although customisation is a key feature of custom build, at The Woodlands, you cannot have completely free rein over what the house or bungalow will look like.  A feature of Lightmoor that makes it a high quality place to live is that there is a Design Code covering the whole village, and The Woodlands needs to comply with that.  However we also want it to be distinctive.

Floor Layouts

The various options for floor layouts are around a common courtyard arrangement.  Around this you might want a large dining room, larger kitchen, or a garage.  Similarly upstairs you might want to change the sizes of bedrooms. You will be able to work with the architect to customise the interior to your wishes and needs.

Low Carbon Design

The houses will be built using Modern Methods of Construction that will provide a highly insulated shell, which in turn should give you very low heating costs.  One of the customisation options will be to upgrade the energy efficiency of the property with even more insulated windows, renewable energy systems (subject to suitability), and higher standard of insulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are hoping to have the next stage of the planning process completed by the end of the year with a view to putting the infrastructure in early in 2017, enabling work on plots to start next Spring.

We are finalising prices but expect there to be serviced plots available from £60,000.

When your design has been completed we will give you a complete package price. Budget cost will however be £1200 per m2 for a complete house, but a shell finish would be less.

No, you don’t have to if you don’t want to, although if you have the skills then it could save you some money.  The minimum we will do for you is erect the wind and watertight shell.

Yes.  There are a number of lenders who are very supportive of custom build, and we are working with the industry specialist Buildstore who have tailored mortgage products for custom builders.  Early engagement with Buildstore is recommended as you will need to prove that you can fund your project before confirming a reservation.

Not necessarily. With Buildstore’s “Accelerator mortgage” with a relatively small deposit you can borrow up to 90% of your land and build costs.

Whatever your circumstances Buildstore will find the best product to suit yourneeds.

No.  The development already has outline planning permission.  The combination of the Local Development Order and the Plot Passport mean that provided you comply with the Passport, will obtain the necessary permissions for you within a month of the finalisation of your property.

You can register your interest now, and we will treat expressions of interest on a “First come first served” basis.  We will then keep you informed of progress as we go through the LDO phase and as soon as we are ready for firm reservations we will let you know.

Where is The Woodlands site located?

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