Custom Build in Whittington

Set overlooking rolling green countryside on the edge of the Staffordshire village of Whittington, we are proposing a highly sustainable development of ten low carbon custom build homes.  You will have the opportunity to be part of this pioneering custom build scheme, the first of its kind in the area.

Our range of zero carbon homes on the site will cater for all on the property ladder.  The potential first time buyer with our discounted terrace properties (see our discount scheme), bungalows for down-sizers and also four large family homes.

whittington staffordshire custom build

Above: Early visualisation of a proposed site layout off Common Lane, Whittington. Please note, as we are still in consultation, this may not be the final layout.

Proposed House Mix

2 two bedroom mid terrace houses *
2 three bedroom end terrace houses *
2 two bedroom bungalows
2 four bedroom houses
2 five bedroom houses
* see discount scheme below

(The proposed house mix is not set in stone. It may change after further consultation.)

Housing policy does not dictate any affordable/social housing requirement for a development of this size.  We are very pleased that the landowner is supporting the following voluntary initiatives aimed at making it easier for local people to afford a new highly energy-efficient new home.

Discount Scheme

We will provide four properties suitable for first time buyers and young families at a discount of around 25% of the full market value. They will only be sold to people who are going to live in them – they will not be snapped up by buy-to-let investors.

Unlike other discount schemes, provided the initial buyer lives in the house for 5 years or more they will not have to repay the discount and will be able to sell the house at its full market value. This represents a real opportunity to young local buyers to get a leg-up onto the housing ladder and provide attainable local housing.

We are going to give an exclusive marketing period for the plots and homes to local people. This will be one month for all the properties, extended to three months for those provided under the discount scheme.

Design Considerations

A Gentle Evolution of the Village


Our hope is that the addition of ten homes, built specifically for their new owners, on this parcel of land will be seen as a gentle evolution of the village – restrained growth.

It will not look like your standard housebuilder site. All the houses are going to be different, individually designed, and well spaced out.

There won’t be complete freedom of expression though! We will agree an overall ‘Design Code’ for the development with the planners that will govern the materials that can be used (reflecting the existing built form of Whittington), colours, ridge heights, etc. Individuality is good, but the development has to be coherent, and fit in with the village as a whole.

What is Custom Build?

A Custom Build home is built to order to suit its actual customer, rather than speculatively built and sold by a large housebuilder. Before the house is built, you can influence or even define its design, layout and specification, although in practice most purchasers of a custom build home stick fairly closely to an initial design that they like.

Custom build also gives you the opportunity to save cost by investing “sweat equity” in the project. In other words, you can do as little or as much of the work yourself. (Note that where a plot is not detached the shell at least will need to be delivered by Czero Home).

Custom build is also made less expensive than a traditionally bought house by there being greatly reduced stamp duty, less profit paid to the housebuilder, and reduction in certain other levies.

Czero Home will take care of everything that needs to be done before houses can be built. So we will put in the access road, the sewage and utility connections up to each plot, site boundary fencing and hedges. After that each home is built to order.

Czero Home enables custom build helping people who want bespoke homes individually built for them, on a professionally managed development.

Harvest House was built by Czero Home and was one of only a handful of houses ever to have achieved an A rated Energy Performance Certificate.

How we define zero carbon?

Czero Home has a policy of exceeding any current regulation on energy efficiency, bringing forward future zero carbon policies. Czero Homes will have net zero regulated energy use, regulated energy being the energy to heat and light the house and provide hot water.

All Czero Homes are designed to be zero carbon through the use of very efficient building materials and methods, careful design, and appropriate renewables integrated into the design. This will give you very low energy bills, as well as reducing the environmental impact.

(left): Harvest House was built by Czero Home and was one of only a handful of houses ever to have achieved an A rated Energy Performance Certificate.

Whittington Public Consulation

If you missed our public consulation at the village hall in Whittington on May 16th, 2015 or would like to revisit the information, fear not. Here you can download our PDF of the information we had on display at the event. The document includes details of the Common Lane development in Whittington. This includes the site plan, the housing mix, our discount scheme, reducing impact on the village, the planning strategy and information about custom build.

Register Interest with Lichfield District Council for
Self-build and Custom Build


Under the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 it is required that every council in England create and keep a register of people interested in building their own house in specific council districts.

If it is your desire to build your own house or instruct a developer to build a house on your behalf in future then it is severely important that you register on the Self-Build and Custom Build Register in the local authority that you wish to live in, in this case Lichfield District Council. For more custom build and self-build plot opportunities to arise in your desired local council area,  a council will need a healthy number of applicants on their self-build register to allow the allocation of more building plots. The council will unlikely allow allocations of plots without there being a sufficient number of people on their register.

UPDATE: This year sadly Lichfield District Council have decided to now charge a £100 annual fee just to register on the Self-Build Register after it was previously free (and is free in most other councils in the UK). We advise you register on our register for free below if you are interested in a future plot in Whittington.

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